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Looking for security guards or security professionals for retail outlets, warehouses, or for residential. 24 Secure Services is the name for you when it’s a matter of security guard services in Noida. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company providing high-quality security solutions. Be it Security Body Guards, Security Officers, or Security Managers, we are committed to providing the right security solution according to your needs. Moreover, neglecting such security needs can put your premises and people at risk. So, make the smart move to deter criminals. Get in touch with us. Thus, get the maximum level of security.

24 Secure Services is a multi-award-winning security company in Noida. We provide a range of tailored security solutions backed up by 20 years of experience. We are a leading and recognized security provider providing consistent and continuous security professionals. Also, we strive to provide responsive and reliable security guards. Our guards are equipped with domain knowledge and experience.

Be it welcoming and greeting guests, checking for unwanted individuals, verifying identities, patrolling the premises, checking vehicles, looking for potential threats and vulnerabilities, preventing intrusion, surveillance, controlling entry and exit, opening and locking the premises, and providing much more security services, We Specialize In All.

We provide a comprehensive range of security services:

  • Manned Guarding Services
  • Closed Protection Services
  • Electronic and Technology Security Services
  • Audit and Consultancy Services
  • Perimeter and Parking Management and Control Services
  • Training
  • Event Security Services
  • Antecedent Verification and Investigative Services
  • Women’s Security Services
  • Facility Management Services and much more

You can contact us right away to get to know more about services offered by us.

The 3Ps: Protection, Prevention, and Professionalism
  • Protection

    Get protection against loss, shrinkage, destruction, vandalism, violence, burglary, malicious act, and other security threats and issues.
    • Protection

      Prevention from internal and external thefts and other security theft and issues.
      • Professionalism

        We provide professionals, well-trained and experienced guards. Also, we handle a variety of duties, like diverse services, including risk assessment, mitigating risks, developing countermeasures, patrolling, monitoring, conducting inspections, checking credentials, attending complaints, and preparing comprehensive reports.
      • ➔ Safe and Secure Environment
      • Having security guards fosters a 24X7 safe and secure environment. Thus leading to peace of mind and raising of comfortability. Also, provides customer, client, and employee satisfaction.
      • ➔ Customer Service
      • Assisting customers, resolving any conflicts or issues, and guiding and escorting them.
      • ➔ Emergency Situations:
      • Security guards are well-equipped and well-trained to handle all types of situations and scenarios professionally and calmly without panicking. Also, ensuring a quick and prompt response time.
      • ➔ Cost-Effective
      • Saves you from incurring the cost of establishing and maintaining an additional security unit and hiring staff.
You can hire various types of security guards according to your needs and requirements.
  • ❖ Body Guards
    • ➢ Male Body Guards
    • ➢ Female Bodyguards
  • ❖ Personal Security Officers (PSO)
    • ➢ Male PSO
    • ➢ Female PSO
  • ❖ Event Security Guards
  • ❖ Security Manager
  • ❖ Security Guards

24 Secure Services provides the following Security Guard Services in Noida:

➔ Retail Outlets and Shopping Mall Security

Our highly-trained security facility handles the retail and mall security and system. They foresee and monitor people and the premises to prevent theft, commotion, and trespassing. It's done by utilizing 24-hour constant surveillance systems. Thus, providing well-being and comfortability for the customers and employees while providing safety and security.

➔ Hotel Security

Get the security for your hotel employees, guests, and customers. Hotel security is for the rescue against theft and security threats. Moreover, they monitor the in (lobby, reception, gates, etc) and out (parking lots, exit gates, etc) to check for suspicious behavior or actions.

➔ Bank Security

Armed and Unarmed security personnel are available at your disposal. Protect the premises, customers, bankers, and employees of banks or financial institutions against robbers and suspicious individuals. We, 24 Secure Services, offer the security that protects the establishment and individuals. Also, we adhere to and abide by the code of conduct and laws too.

➔ Hospital and Health Care Security

Want to protect the medical center, its medical equipment, the medicines and drugs, its patients, doctors, staff, vendors, visitors, etc? Then, call for 24 Secure Services, the best in the class security company in Noida. We provide the right security strategy to protect and guard through surveillance equipment, patrolling, monitoring, and overseeing the premises.

➔ Residential Security

Residential Security is needed to protect your home, family, residential area, and community from robberies, thefts, and also from home invasions. 24 Secure Services provides round clock security and monitoring of the area.

➔ Warehouse Security

We provide logistic and warehouse security. Prevent theft, fire, illegal activities, shrinkage, shipping losses, etc. Thus, ensure smooth sailing supply chain and logistic management.

24 Secure Services, a top-notch security company in Noida, takes pride in supplying security manpower. We are security experts providing unparalleled security services in Noida. So, rely on our services.

We protect People, Belongings, and the Premises.

Yes. 24 Secure Services provides 24X7 security dispatch, if needed and asked. We provide 24X7 manned branches/control rooms and regular day and night checks as well. Moreover, we also provide 24X7 Customer Support.

Rest Assured. Your property and people are in safe hands. Because we deliver Safety and Security.

Yes. 24 Secure Services provides uniformed guards. A uniformed guard sets them apart from others. Thus, increases the visibility to others to approach them when in need. Moreover, the presence of uniformed guards alerts and frightens people with malicious intentions.

Absolutely Yes. Security Guards provided by 24 Secure Services are given different types of training. Including normal 6-10 days training, pre-induction site training, and specialized training.

We deploy talented and skilled guards with the right skills, competencies, and abilities at your service. Moreover, they are provided with career development opportunities and training. Also, they are Alert at All Times.

Yes. We follow an in-depth and careful recruitment process and a full background check of the guards before hiring them. Including criminal records, previous employment, license, driving record, address verification, and reference check.

We provide security services ranging from 8 hours to 12 hours a day.

Yes, we do provide bouncers as well.

Hire bouncers for pubs, hotels, events, night clubs, marriages, and parties. Services provided by bouncers:

  • ● Experienced, physically fit, uniformed, well-spoken with a professional demeanor.
  • ● Ensuring efficient and smooth flow of the event or work.
  • ● Handling any type of customers and clients, including the aggressive ones.
  • ● Resolving any dispute, issue, fight, etc.
  • ● Preventing and taking action against any sexual harassment. Also, providing women safety.
  • ● Checking the legal age before allowing the customers in.
  • ● Checking and preventing the entry of any arms, lethal weapons, or drugs.
  • ● Monitoring the crowd and area.

Yes. Our security guards are highly trained and proficient in handling arms and ammunition. Also, they are provided with extensive and rigorous training.

The cost of hiring guards for daytime hours and after-hours or overnight are different. But it is worth the risk and cost as it prevents theft. Thus, it provides peace of mind.

The price quotation varies accordingly. Because it's based on different variables. Including the type of security guard needed, duration, purpose, armed or unarmed, etc.

You don’t need to worry about the charges because we offer our services at reasonable and competitive prices. 24 Secure Services is a renowned security agency in Noida. Contact us right away to get to know about it more in detail. We are here to keep the area secured.

There are an abundance of security companies offering their security services in Noida. But finding and selecting the best is a hard row to hoe. You must do your homework.

You can search for companies on search engines, and go through their websites in detail. Compare their experience, price, licensing, specialization, reputation, services offered, work history, credentials, testimonials, etc. Also, you can seek to ask your friends, colleagues, or relatives. Because word of mouth is a great way of seeking something quite reliable.

Set up a telephonic or face to face or in-person meeting and discuss in detail.

And if you are looking for the best in the domain, then 24 Secure Services, a security agency in Noida is the way to go. We are here to assist you by providing a comprehensive security solution. Moreover, we comply with law enforcement, standards, and code of conduct.

Yes. We are licensed and ISO certified as well.

Professional security has become a necessity these days. Thus, you can rely on 24 Secure Now security company in Delhi. We are one of the top companies to provide well-trained guards for personal and commercial purposes.

We have 6 zonal offices and 21 regional offices.

To know whether we serve in your area or not, you can contact us on +91 78348 00024 or 88000 18010 . Also, you can email us at

The degree of need isn't solely based on the type of business or work area. Because every type of business can gain from hiring a private security agency. Businesses and work areas are prone and vulnerable to security issues and mainly become a target of burglars, thieves, and criminals. Seek Our Security Support. Call 24 Secure Services to discuss your security needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Absolutely, it is worth it. When you hire security guards from a reputable and trusted security company, you get professional security.

Ask the following key questions from the Security Company before hiring them:

  • ● Are you Licensed and Approved?
  • ● How many years of experience do you have?
  • ● What different or diverse services and guards do you offer?
  • ● What are the charges? Also, are there any extra charges?
  • ● What kind of training is provided to your guards?
  • ● Are the guards hired after a detailed background check?
  • ● How are the guards supervised?
  • ● What type of industries and businesses have you previously worked with?

If you are looking to choose a Security Agency. Then you must do some key qualities checks before hiring one.

  • ● Training
  • ● Professionalism
  • ● The license in handling arms
  • ● Accountability
  • ● Communication
  • ● Attentiveness
  • ● Knowledge
  • ● Charges
  • ● Physical abilities
  • ● Credentials

24 Secure Services checklists the above. Because our guards possess the above qualities. Also, they are motivated, committed, sharp, and diligent. We work to satisfy by providing assured security. As well as, we design a tailored strategy in accordance with your needs, potential hazards, and risk assessment of your business and area. Thus, satisfaction and peace of mind are guaranteed.

So, Count on Us and Contact Us Right Away.